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Texas Tranquility Estates

A Place You Can Always Call Home

General Residential Operation


We believe our programs and services, along with our qualified staff will provide each child that enters our facility with the support and stability they need to grow and excel in life.

Mental Health and Awareness Services

Here are some of the clinical services our children can expect to receive during their time at Texas Tranquility Estates through our licensed Mental Health and Awareness Therapists.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Counseling
  • Treatment Plans

Overcoming Obstacles Curriculum – Program

At our facility we provide the opportunity for our children to be taught and develop life skills to help them overcome negative behavior patterns through our “Overcoming Obstacles Curriculum”. We have found this curriculum to be a very fun and interactive way of learning while creating opportunities that provoke change. We focus on several of the following areas:

  • Proper Communication Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Confidence Building
  • How to Give & Receive Respect
  • Conflict Resolution

Road Map to Success – Program

Many children will greatly benefit from our “Road Map to Success” program, offered through our INSPIRE ME 2 BE GREAT Foundation. Our success team made up of educators, entrepreneurs, and professionals take the time to interview and evaluate each child. After determining their desires, gifts, and talents we will show them how to establish a step by step plan to help them accomplish their goals. This will be their own personal Road map to success along their journey in life. Our success team is committed to mentoring them, while holding them accountable to the goals they have established. We provide the lessons, examples, and experiences to help them accomplish each task while developing and learning the following tools.

  • Goal Setting
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • How 2 Stay Focus
  • Meditation Techniques