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Texas Tranquility Estates – Girl’s Home is a General Residential Treatment Center committed to providing a safe loving and nurturing Christian home environment that will provoke change in the lives of young girls by teaching them the mental discipline, along with practical principles that will build confidence and courage  for pursuing a successful future. We are dedicated to equipping today’s teens with proven principles to overcome the pains of abandonment, fear, low self-esteem, sexual abuse, as well as temper management and depression.

Our Certified Staff consisting of therapist, counselors, nurses, as well as teachers and mentors are well equipped to provide the necessary care for our children. Our therapists are skilled in preparing the proper care through ongoing detailed clinical evaluations. We are trained to provide young girls that enter our program with the love, support, and the growth they need in a safe place they can always call home. We commit to helping each individual reach their full potential no matter where they started or what they have experienced in life. Our staff demonstrates individual care alone with monitoring management plans to help our girls fully develop. By teaching and providing opportunities to learn social skills, as well as life skills, we give young girls a fighting chance along with new experiences in life


INSPIRE ME 2 BE GREAT Foundation – was founded to help develop, motivate and stimulate this next generation of youth to excel and achieve success in life. Life can be very difficult for so many who are facing, or have experience dramatic situations in life that leave them at a crossroad with little hope or direction for their lives. Our goal is to meet them right where they are, and help them pick up the pieces of their setbacks, broken dreams, hurt, and possibly sexual abused situations and inspire them to dream again thru our INSPIRE ME 2 BE GREAT Foundation.

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